We Love Music: Daniel, Me Estás Matando

Here at TF we love music… So hi, hello fellow melomanxs (music lovers)! This is the first in hopefully many posts called We Love Music, well, the music we love. The music that gets us through the day, especially those long days involving too much computer and not enough pets.

The Monterrey, Mexico based La Zona Sucia (The Dirty Zone) recently reviewed Suspiros, the newest EP by the band Daniel, Me Estás Matando (Daniel, you’re killing me). We’ve had it on heavy rotation for a little while now, and damn! Truly, a great album. Here’s a short translation from La Zona Sucia’s review, by Daniel García Bullé, on why the album is on his list of faves so far this year:

It could be for the simple reason that it “has it all,” and its an album that you could even play on Christmas, at birthdays with your parents and grandparents, on a special date, on nights of drunken nostalgia when your friends have to look after your phone so you don’t reach out to your ex-partner (or your ex-employer). Suspiros isn’t about social or cultural confrontation, rather it’s an appeasing sound. It’s not necessarily about the audiences, but it is an exploration of pop history and sensibilities.

Et voilà, couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Anyone with a soft spot for Mexican traditional music will enjoy these mellow, melancholy tracks. Here’s the new album on Spotify, and a link to the whole damn thing on Youtube. This song kicks off with a Radiohead like riff before going in a totally different and beautiful direction. Also, its freakin’ poetry. Also, this hashtag: #BoleroGlam. Enjoy!