Toward Freedom was founded in 1952 as a progressive publication covering world events.

Celebrating 60 years of vision of advocacy for human rights and global democracy, this 2012 video looks at Toward Freedom‘s history, the legacy of the Lloyd family, coverage of Africa in TF’s early years, and ongoing activities. With rare photos, maps, and covers from 1952 to 2011. Produced by Greg Guma

The following is a five-part series on TF’s history by former TF editor Greg Guma:

Waging Peace in the Cold War: Toward Freedom and The Non-Aligned Movement

The Non-Aligned Road: Toward Freedom in Africa

Fighting Words: Toward Freedom in Africa

Paths to Independence: Toward Freedom in Africa

The History of America’s “Africa Agenda”: The Role of John Foster Dulles

Also see: Revolution and Transformation in Africa: Toward Freedom and Emancipation – A Chicago Lecture