What we publish: Toward Freedom publishes journalism that tackles the ins and outs of capitalism and global politics, woven through with coverage of protest movements and popular uprisings. TF is different from other news outlets in the United States because we don’t demand a U.S. angle on the stories we cover. Rather, we’re interested in those hard-to-tell stories that provide insight on how U.S. imperialism works throughout the world. We also have a small budget to pay for reviews of books and podcasts, as well as translations of articles from around the globe to English.

We would love to publish your work: We welcome PITCHES for articles, interviews, and book, film and music reviews from seasoned journalists and first-time authors. We prioritize reported stories that include voices from the front lines of struggles. Please pitch an idea before submitting a draft.

Send us a pitch: If you’d like to report for TF, please send us a brief pitch that captures the tone and expresses the content of the article you are proposing, information about who you plan to interview for the piece, and links to a couple clips of your past work. If you are proposing a translation, please describe the article you wish to translate and why you think it’s important (also, please ensure you have permission to do the translation before pitching). Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot respond to everyone. Please give us up to 3 days before you pitch the idea to another publisher.

What we are looking for: We’re after news and analysis pieces on a wide range of topics, from anti-mining activism in South Africa to struggles in defense of the land in the United States; from popular movements in India to feminist revolution in Argentina. The stories need to tie back to the geopolitics that govern the world. Who is really in charge? How can you prove that? We are particularly interested in fostering investigative journalism!

The nitty gritty: TF can pay for shorter, reported pieces (less than 1,000 words) and we have a larger budget for in-depth pieces that feature a greater range of voices and research (1,500 to 3,000 words). We also have a small budget for book reviews (less than 1,000 words) and original translations into English. We are unable to consider pieces sent on spec—please pitch first.

Reprints: If you have come across or have written an article you think TF should republish, please send it to Editor AT TowardFreedom DOT org.

Media contacts: If you wish get in touch with the TF editor or TF writers about their work for any reason, please write to us at Editor AT TowardFreedom DOT org.

Contact: Send all pitches, writing, queries, questions, comments & otherwise to Editor AT TowardFreedom DOT org.