Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui: Bolivia’s Lesson in Triumphalism

This is the English transcription of Bolivian historian Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui’s intervention at the Women’s Parliament in La Paz, Bolivia, on Tuesday November 12, 2019. Watch the proceedings in their entirety here.

I have a very serious knee problem. They say it is pride. I am proud, in fact, of being a woman, and also of somehow having kept quiet all this time, because to me, this accident has been a gift from the fields. Just this past 23rd I fell while planting with my daughter in Cochabamba, and I take it as a sign that there is a need for a certain politics of silence. read more


We Love Music: Helado Negro

Helado Negro is one of our favorite musicians. He just released an incredibly beautiful track that was recorded live at KCRW in LA. The song is called Sabana de Luz (Sheet of Light) and you can listen to its haunting, playful sound on Bandcamp. Makes a person want to see it performed live, right?

PaĆ­s Nublado, one of our other fave tracks by Helado Negro, is a melancholy lament that we’ve got on steady rotation. Enjoy!