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Toward Freedom marks our 70th anniversary this year by expanding our list of writers, establishing an Africa Reporting Fund to support more reports from the continent, and consistently producing multimedia content on liberation struggles throughout the world.

We do this because we’re up against a tentacled beast known as the corporate media. Since 1952, Toward Freedom has remained financially independent to cover liberation struggles the corporate media ignores. This year, between on-the-ground reporting in eastern Europe as the war in Ukraine first kicked off to the historic presidential elections in Brazil and Colombia; photo essays from rural parts of India, Colombia and Italy; reports from the Kenyan countryside; coverage of movements opposing U.S. intervention in Africa; and investigations into climate justice issues in Iraq, Colombia, India and beyond, Toward Freedom has continued its mission of documenting anti-colonial movements.

As we build on this legacy, Toward Freedom is transitioning away from depending on a few major donors to a greater reliance on reader support. Now more than ever, we need your help to keep growing independent, grassroots media coverage.

If you’ve been inspired by or have gained a new perspective from our coverage this past year, please give serious thought to contributing to Toward Freedom, the only U.S. publication that covered the 1955 Bandung Conference that kicked off the Non-Aligned Movement—and now among the few independent U.S. publications covering liberation struggles in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

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