Manuel Teran in the forest

Activists Say Police Are Lying About Shooting a Cop City Protester in Atlanta

Police recently shot a 26-year-old Cop City protester, Manuel Teran, known as "Tort," according to activists. They said police in Atlanta, Georgia, are lying that they did not kill Tort and that a protester shot an officer. Cop City is what activists dub the largest U.S. police training facility that is due to be constructed in an 85-acre forest. BreakThrough News reports.

Credit: Unicorn Riot

SWAT Teams Attack Atlanta Forest Encampments, Activists Charged with ‘Terrorism’ in Movement to Stop Cop City Police Training Facility

On Dec. 14, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams and other armed police officers from eight different federal, state, county, and city police agencies conducted a raid on those camping out in the Atlanta forest in hopes of preventing the construction of the largest U.S. police training facility that opponents have dubbed “Cop City.”