Introducing Toward Freedom’s Bolivia Reader

Nearly three months have passed since the elections in Bolivia on October 20. New elections are scheduled for May 3. The interim “coup” government of Jeanine AƱez is displaying the worst tendencies of the fascist right, and betraying its legal mandate (which is limited to the organization of new elections). Evo Morales and his entourage continue to be involved in and influence Bolivian politics from Argentina. And the Bolivian people, faced with the very real threat of paramilitary and state violence, are regrouping, pushing back, and preparing for what comes next.

Between November 8 and late December, Toward Freedom published translations of articles and essays from Bolivian and Latin American scholars that considered events in Bolivia in all of their complexity. We have since compiled these voices from the independent left on the crisis in Bolivia into a single PDF.

We hope that you will download, read, and share this reader, which includes an introductory note by Toward Freedom’s editor Dawn Marie Paley. Download Toward Freedom’s Bolivia Reader here.

In coming weeks and months we will continue to feature coverage from Bolivia and elsewhere around the world.