Announcing TF’s New Editor: Dawn Marie Paley

Greetings readers,

After 14 solid years of working with Toward Freedom, our editor Ben Dangl is stepping away to take up a teaching position at the University of Vermont.

We are thrilled to announce that we have hired a new contributing editor, Dawn Marie Paley. She is based in Mexico and will no doubt bring forth grassroots perspectives and critical investigations from Latin America and beyond.

“I was honored to work at such a historic and critical publication for so long,” said Ben in a farewell message. “It has been a great joy and privilege to work with so many excellent and inspiring writers over the years at TF. Together, we navigated, reported from, and analyzed turbulent times spanning continents, US presidents, people’s uprisings, and years of war and peace. I would like to particularly thank the readers and TF board members who have stood beside us over the years as we worked together for global peace and justice.”

We are so thankful for Ben’s contributions over the last decade and a half. He will be tremendously missed. 

At the same time, we’re very excited about this new chapter at Toward Freedom, bringing you a progressive perspective on world events since 1952.

In solidarity, toward a more just future for all,

Sam Mayfield

Board Chair, president Toward Freedom

About our new editor: Dawn Marie Paley is a journalist and sociologist. Her first book, Drug War Capitalism, examines how the US backed drug war in Mexico, Colombia, and Central America are connected with the expansion of capitalism. She has been active in independent media as a journalist, editor and organizer for more than a decade. She has a Masters in Journalism from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Puebla. Dawn Marie is currently working on a new book about Mexico, where she is based. Over the past months, she has written about Canada’s cannabis colonialism and done an interview about the overdose crisis for Toward Freedom. You can reach her at editor AT towardfreedom DOT org.