Photo credit: Abena Disroe-Morris

‘U.S.-Africa: How the Peoples’ Struggles Connect’: Second Panel of African People’s Forum

Paul Sankara, consultant, activist and brother of assassinated Burkina Faso leader Thomas Sankara; Eugene Puryear, community organizer and host at BreakThrough News; Erica Caines, a Black Alliance for Peace Coordinating Committee member, co-editor of Hood Communist and founder of Liberation Through Reading; and Nebiyu Asfaw, co-founder of both the Ethiopian American Development Council and the #NoMore Movement discussed connecting African peoples' struggles across the continents at the first-ever African Peoples’ Forum.

Speakers of three panels that took places December 11 at the first-ever African Peoples' Forum in Washington, D.C. / credit: Abena Disroe-Morris

‘Economic Development As a Human Right’: First Panel of African Peoples’ Forum

Journalist and activist Elias Amare, U.S./Africa Bridge Building Project Director Imani Countess, American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) organizer Elias Hiruy, and medical doctor and #NoMore Movement co-founder Simon Tesfamariam discussed economic development as a human right at the first-ever African Peoples' Forum. This was organized to counter the Biden administration's U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.

How Sicily Is Tackling Wildfires Amid a Global Climate Crisis

Over the last 14 years, Sicily has reported more than half of Italy's wooden (and non-wooden) burned area. Throughout the world, fires have intensified over the last 20 years, with more than 1 billion acres—or 11 percent—of tree cover lost. This not only affects biodiversity and human settlements close by. The greenhouse gasses emitted exacerbate the current climate crisis. Natalia Torres Garzon reports. Photography by Antonio Cascio.