June 2000, Roads Of Resistance

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 Volume 49, Number3

  • Toward Freedom
    June/July 2000
    Vol. 49, No. 3


  • The Vaccine Mutiny
    The Pentagon’ Anthrax Inoculation Program
    Sparks a New Military Resistance Movement
    — Tod Ensign

  • Taking Aim at Electronic Trash 
    — Ron Chepesiuk

  • Restoring the Independent Spirit
    New Pathways Converge for Independent Media Activists
    – Greg Guma

  • Defending the Forests
    A Campesino’s Environmental Award Puts Mexico
    on the Defensive
    — John Ross

  • Patenting the Commons
    Biotechology and Human Rights  
    — Alexis Lathem

  • Middle East:
    Palestine SlidesToward Planned Dependence 

  • Europe:
    Peace Betrayed in Kosovo andMontenegro   
    – Peter Moszynski

    The World and the Presidency
    — Greg Guma