May 1998, Pawns in The Game

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  • Mind Control:
        Repressed Memories & the CIA,
        Husayn Al-Kurdi
  • Politics:
        Creating the New World Order, Richard K. Moore
  • Economics:
        Triumph of the Market, Sasha Abramsky


  • Human Rights:
        A Victim Looks Back, Milan G. Vesely
  • Nigeria:
        The People’s Ambassador, Wilson Wanene


  • Mexico:
        Witnesses at Risk, Robin Kelsey
  • Chile:
        Unhealed Wounds, Korey Capozza
  • China:
        Animals and Aphrodisiacs, Natasha Ma
  • Iraq:
        The Case Against Sanction, Miriam Ward


  • Editorial:
        Covert Operations
  • Letters
  • Notebook
  • Inside Track:
        Bhutto Dethroned, Eric Margolis
  • Review:
        The Green Food Shopper, Kristine Mitchell
  • Last Word:
        Addicted to Lies, Travis Charbeneau
  • Classified