February 1998, Africa & Asia Take Challenging Journeys

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  • Africa:
        The US Steps In, Milan Vesely
        Gateway to Empowerment, Nicholas Shear
        Let the Healing Begin, Kennerly Clay
  • Asia:
        After the Miracle, Luc Demaret
        What the Tigers Teach, Cameron Duodu


  • Middle East:
        Economic Siege, Barbara Nimri Aziz
        Libraries for Peace, Ron Chepesiuk
  • Americas:
        Rethinking Bilingualism, P. Gonzales & R. Rodriguez
        Argentina’s Press Crackdown, Tamar Hahn
        Rumors of War, John Ross


  • Editorials: Latin American Arms Race
  • Letters:
        From Left Field: Defining Our Terms, Richard Curtis
  • Notebook
  • Poem:
        Incident, Katherine Alice Power
  • Review:
        The Age of Heretics, Chaplain W. Morrison
  • Classified
  • Index