March/April 1998, Women’s Visions: Fighting For Our Lives

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  • Mexico:
        Standoff in Chiapas, Robin Flinchum
  • Tibet:
        War on Women, Natasha Ma
  • Uganda:
        Tale of Terror, Tom Gawaya-Tegulle
  • Economics:
        Gender Sensitive Development, Elayne Clift
  • Leadership:
        Power from Within, Peggy Andrews


  • Bosnia:
        Building the Peace, Elayne Clift
  • Ethiopia:
        Good Shepherds, Thomas Anderson
  • AIDS:
        Worried about Mummy, J.P. Slavin
        House of Hope, Sandra Kasalo
  • Russia:
        Excuses for Abuse, Kester Kenn Klomegah
  • Kenya:
        Smaller Families, William Onyango
        Suing Wife Beaters, Robert O. Otani
  • South Africa:
        Unfinished Liberation, Anthony Swift
  • Hungary:
        NATO’s False Security, John Horvath
  • Iraq:
        Impact of Sanctions, Barbara Nimri Aziz


  • Editorial:
        Feminism’s Unfinished Business
  • Notebook
  • Reviews:
        Through the Wire, Sandra Baird and Louise Andrews
  • Classified
  • Last Word:
        You Call This Progress?, Andrea C. Poe