Articles by Greg Guma

Greg Guma is an author, editor and the former CEO of Pacifica Radio. He lives in Vermont and writes about politics and culture on his blog, Maverick Media.

Below are the collected articles Guma has written for Toward Freedom.

Peaceful Revolutions and the Power of Disobedience

Defenders of Freedom: Why Anarchism Is Misunderstood

Addicted to War: The Seductive Myths of Militarism

It CAN Happen Here: Meet Friendly Fascism

We’re All Socialists Sometimes

The Trump Effect: Falling for Successful Psychopaths

Eugene Debs and Bernie Sanders: Revolutionary Campaigners

Politics of the Possible: The Sanders Crusade

A Global Contract: The Case for World Citizenship

World Citizen: Garry Davis vs. National Borders

Enemy of the State: Excerpt from the New Novel, Dons of Time

Crimes of the Surveillance State: A Victim’s Story

Deadly Experiments and Contaminated Reality

The History of America’s “Africa Agenda”: The Role of John Foster Dulles

Paths to Independence: Toward Freedom in Africa

Fighting Words: Toward Freedom in Africa

Waging Peace in the Cold War: Toward Freedom and The Non-Aligned Movement

The Non-Aligned Road: Toward Freedom in Africa

Operation El Dorado: The Road to a Resource War in Afghanistan

Armed and Dangerous: The Gun Debate

Progressive Eclipse: Burlington, Bernie and the Movement That Changed Vermont

Moving Toward Freedom: The Lloyd Legacy – A Video History

Revolution and Transformation in Africa: Toward Freedom and Emancipation – A Chicago Lecture

In Fedora and Trench Coat, Greg Palast Exposes “Vultures” Who Profit From Crisis

Vermont and Beyond: Voices of Occupation, Days of Rage

Burlington, Vermont’s Lockheed Martin Showdown: City Council Vote Reveals Progressive Identity Crisis

Dystopia or Hope?

Mind Games

Lost Memories: Unpacking the Reagan Myth (before it spreads)

Last of the Power Couples

Doomsday Obsessions: Imagining the End

Vermont’s Progressive Era Turns 30

What Makes Bernie Speak?

Has WikiLeaks Revealed Anything New?

Toward Freedom: Reflections of a Former Editor

False Prophets of the Electronic Age

Obama Myths & Realities

The Oil Spill: Accident or Cyber Attack?

Immigration Fight At The AZ Corral

Martin Luther King’s Death & Other Uncomfortable Truths

Census Insecurity: It Takes a Pretext

The Peru Shoot Down: The CIA, DynCorp, and Why the Truth May Not Come Out

Vermont’s Chance: Breaking the Two-Party Monopoly

The Final Failure of Reaganomics

The Strange Race of John McHyde

Breaking Out of the Empire Box

The Afghan Trap & Déjà vu in Georgia

Barack Obama: The New Jimmy Carter

Vermont Progressives Play the Independent Card

Nonviolent Action & the Road to Independence

Citizen Nader: From Prophet to Punch Line

Momentum: Acting Like the President

Momentum: A Presidential Blockbuster

Presidential Death Match: Media’s Big Event

The Future of Community Radio

Former TF Editor’s New Blog Assesses Media Politics and the Alternative Press

Iraq War Coverage Skews Perceptions

The People Powered Potential of Independent Media

Mission improbable: Challenging the official story of 9/11

Manufacturing High Anxiety

Anything but the Truth: The Art of Managing Perceptions

Fear and the Nuclear Option

Addicted to War: The New American Militarism

Outsourcing Defense 6/04

Grading Care Behind Bars 5/04

Dellinger: Remembering a Nonviolent Warrior (6/04)

Haiti: Past Occupational Hazards (03/04)

Regime Change in Haiti (03/04)

Evil and the Empire (12/03)

Lying at the Top (09/03)

Accent on Diversity: 2003 Report (12/03)

Secrets R Us (3/02)

Enron’s Global Game (12/01)

The Dellinger Gala: Celebrating Nonviolent Action (12/01)

Democracy and the Media (5/00)

Private Military Co.s Enforce Globalization and US Policies (8/00)

Shortening the Work Week (3/00)

Name that War Criminal (9/99)

The Power To Mis-Inform (7/98)

The War Comes Home (2/98)

Oil and Empire: Afghanistan and 9/11

America: Untold Stories (exclusive 7/98)

Race: Untold Stories (5/98)

Maverick: More Reasons to Apologize (9/98)

Revisiting the End of the Sixties (6/98)

Conspiracies Unlimited (2/98)

Outsourcing Defense