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As we all struggle to adjust to the reality of life in Trump’s America, we at Toward Freedom renew our commitment to exposing global injustice, discrimination, and corporate greed. We will continue to bring you reports on indigenous and popular movements and on successful grassroots efforts to fight for economic justice, democratic reform and human dignity, as TF has done since 1952. Please consider supporting this work today with a donation!

We have readers in 140 countries – impressive given our modest budget and small staff. Our award-winning editor Ben Dangl works with a network of writers to publish sharp analysis and investigative journalism from around the globe – with particular emphasis on the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Toward Freedom‘s dozens of reporters in the global south reject the U.S.-centric worldview of the corporate media.

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Donate Online

In October, new TF board member Rebecca Kemble visited Standing Rock, South Dakota to bring supplies and goods to the community, document tribal ceremonies, and protest the destruction of water sources on Native American land. She stood with thousands of other peaceful water protectors whose efforts and voices are left out of the mainstream media’s coverage of the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Alternative voices in the media landscape are more important today than ever. We will need to grow and expand our efforts in shedding light in the dark places that lie ahead. You can rely on TF’s reporters to counter the Trump administration’s abuses of power overseas and at home with coverage you won’t find anywhere else. Please donate to TF today!

We rely on your support to sustain us and allow us to continue to grow. Tax-deductible donations of $20, $50, or $100 will have an enormous impact on our ability to continue our 64 year legacy of publishing progressive journalism for global justice.

Thanks and best wishes,

Sam Mayfield

Co-President, Toward Freedom

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