Winter Reading: Power, Magic and History in Dark Times

How exactly did the Trumps, the Russians and their international co-conspirators mess with American minds to seize power? In several recent books, deeper answers gradually emerge. But some of the revelations are so unsettling it helps at times to escape into fiction. Here are some recommended readings to help cut through the fog of info-war.


Deadly Facts: How So-Called Objectivity Created a Culture of Conformity

About a century ago the Western world entered an age of artificial substitutes, technical ingenuity, mechanical products, technological values, and accelerating motion. The watchword of that age was objectivity – a highly illusive standard for both leaders and the led. In particular, the notion of objectivity deeply affected the emerging mass communications industry, which before long was serving as one of the most powerful tools of global social management.


The Paranoid Style: From Reagan to Trump

Many far right groups continue to believe in some sort of conspiracy aimed at destroying their "way of life." Specifically, they remain united by a fanatical fortress mentality and the belief that their rights as individuals are under attack. Taken together, these threads provided a template for the Tea Party and Trump-ism.