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What have we at Toward Freedom been doing since we wrote you last?  We heard just last month the exciting news that a Toward Freedom article on martial law in the US was chosen by Project Censored as the #2 top censored story of the year! In addition to searching out these national news stories, we continue working with journalists around the world to develop reports on resource conflicts in Congo, the rise of the right-wing in Europe, labor unions in Asia and political changes in Latin America.

In addition to publishing these investigative reports, Toward Freedom organized a panel on the hopes and challenges of the independent media at the US Social Forum in Atlanta this past summer. This fall, we are hosting a panel "As the World Burns: Liberating Responses to Global Warming" which will critique Al Gore’s limited approach to citizen/corporate action and discuss Latin America‘s dangerous biofuels craze. In November, editor Ben Dangl will be returning – for a month –  to Bolivia to report for Toward Freedom on the challenges facing the Evo Morales administration.

ImageWith this turbulent year coming to a close, this is our last request to you for support. As you know, we run everything on a shoestring budget. If you appreciate the news and work of Toward Freedom, please consider making a donation. With a contribution of $30 or more you can receive a recording of the independent media panel at the US Social Forum. Speakers in this cutting edge event included Michael Albert of Z Magazine, Elizabeth Dinovella of The Progressive, Jen Angel of Clamor Magazine and radical activist Nate Jones.

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Robin Lloyd

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"Toward Freedom has carved out an incredible media niche for itself. Focusing on international news, TF regularly breaks stories on corporate scandals and consistently emphasizes hopeful political movements and projects that we rarely hear about in other media. TF recently expanded its multimedia website and broadened its network of international journalists to further its commitment to reporting on the global south. Given the grim state of media, we can’t risk letting TF fail. Battling media consolidation and misinformation, we must support TF, an essential outlet for international news and analysis and a growing contributor to both alternative media and activism." Michael Albert, co-founder of Z Magazine/ZNet

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