Women and the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs condones a form of macho violence. In earlier decades, that violence was played out between cops and robbers, then cowboys and Indians, and now the DEA and narco traffickers. The War allows men to find an excuse to be violent and to militarize societies. Women lose in time of war.

How War is Remembered

Late April witnessed three centennial events related to WW1, all happening in the same week 100 years ago: the international Congress for Women at the Hague (April 28), the use of chlorine gas by Germans at Ypres, Belgium (April 22), and the start of the British and ANZAC (Australian- New Zealand Army Corps) attack on Gallipoli, in Turkey (April 25).

Vermonters at the Left forum 2014

Now that the triumvirate of public intellectuals from Burlington has passed on – social ecology theorist Murray Bookchin, peace activist Will Miller and world citizen Garry Davis – who will replace them? It’s a hard act to follow. Nevertheless, one place to look is amongst the Vermonters who got themselves to the Left Forum this year.