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Kentucky Voters Could Reclaim Local Water Supply

Source: NewStandard News

Voters in a Kentucky county today could approve a referendum that would make their privatized water system public.

Citizens who vote "yes" on the referendum could empower the Lexington-Fayette Urban County government to purchase the water company that serves more than 310,000 people in the area. The ballot measure calls on the county to purchase Kentucky American Water using the most effective means possible, including eminent domain.

The company is a subsidiary of American Water, which in turn is part of the German conglomerate RWE AG. read more


Protesters March for Broad Agenda in New York

Hundreds of thousands of protesters swept through Manhattan on Saturday in a march rallying against the war in Iraq and future US military action, particularly in Iran. But with a litany of abuses on their minds, demonstrators made it clear that the protest went beyond a simple anti-war stance to include broader critiques of US government policies.