Behind European Governments’ Veil of Deceit

Never before has such a small percentage of an estimated 1.6 million Muslims living in the U.K, been seen as the root cause for the failures in integration. Yet, Muslim women wearing the veil, (niqāb), are increasingly blamed for the apparent social dysfunction in society. But is this really about community 'separation'? Is the niqāb responsible for the 'difficulty' in fostering positive community relations? Or is there a real danger for the nation to fall in line with the vision of a secular 'apartheid' Europe?

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The 28th Amendment

I recently spent time in Washington for a follow-up visit with one of the Senators who appears in my film WHY WE FIGHT. Security at the Russell Office Building being lighter than I expected, I found myself searching the halls for the Senator’s office with time to spare.

Making my way through those corridors of power is always humbling. I wonder if I am awed more by the power accumulated within the building or by the task facing anyone hoping to reform it. I am admittedly a hopeful reformer. Each time I come to Washington, I am Mr. Smith, holding out for a happy ending to the American story. Maybe that’s why in naming my new film, I borrowed the title of Frank Capra’s World War II Series Why We Fight. read more


Freiheit für Mumia Abu-Jamal! German book reveals new evidence in death-row case

"The history of the criminal case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, which is by now almost 25 years old, has been characterized by bias right from the start: against a black man whom the court denied a jury of his peers, against a member of the economic underclass who did not have a real claim to a qualified defense, and against a radical, whose allegedly dangerous militancy obliged the state to eliminate him from the ranks of society."

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Alternative media can balance establishment’s experts

The late political philosopher Isaiah Berlin coined the term ''secular priesthood'' to describe Russian commissars who were apologists for Stalin's crimes. Later, MIT Professor Noam Chomsky adapted the term to characterize their counterpart in contemporary societies, namely the higher level media, commentators and academic types who learn which side of their crusty French bread has the foie gras.