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Since When Did Marriage Become a Christian Institution?

Republicans are reaching into the God, Guns and Country bag of tricks once again to molest the most ignorant and prejudice of American minds. In an effort led by zealots on the religious right along with Republicans desperate to survive President Bush's plunge at the polls, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist hopes to satisfy and ignite the party's Christian conservative base by beginning debate on an amendment to ban gay marriage on Monday, June 5th.


Development Dilemma: Argentina and Uruguay Clash Over Paper Mill

"Who will come to our town when the smokestack is making its toxic clouds, when the fish die off from the water pollution? How will we make our living then?" -- GualeguaychĂș taxi driver

In the stillness of an autumn afternoon in Argentina, Anna and Oscar Bargas launch into their story across the table in an off-season hotel lobby. Organizers with the GualeguaychĂș Citizens Environmental Assembly (ACAG), they had never been activists before, just regular participants in small town civic life.

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Building a Political Prisoner Support Movement

Political prisoners, if largely unacknowledged, are at the crux of debates over incarceration. Their presence testifies to the ongoing legacy of social problems, which in itself is central to the cycle of crime and punishment. As the anti-prison movement continues to grow in strength and stature, the question of political prisoners demands attention because these movement veterans remain part of current endeavors for social justice.