Activists in Australia March with Aboriginal Flag

Australian Government Intervenes in Aboriginal Communities

Activists in Australia March with Aboriginal Flag
On July 1st, 2007, Australia's Federal government sent police and military personnel into Aboriginal communities in northern Australia to combat high levels of child sexual abuse. Policing combined with alcohol bans and welfare restrictions constitute a short-sighted intervention that ignores the root causes of social dysfunction among historically oppressed people.


Development Dilemma: Argentina and Uruguay Clash Over Paper Mill

"Who will come to our town when the smokestack is making its toxic clouds, when the fish die off from the water pollution? How will we make our living then?" -- Gualeguaychú taxi driver

In the stillness of an autumn afternoon in Argentina, Anna and Oscar Bargas launch into their story across the table in an off-season hotel lobby. Organizers with the Gualeguaychú Citizens Environmental Assembly (ACAG), they had never been activists before, just regular participants in small town civic life.