A Bleak Resurgence of the Russian Radical Right

For many, Russia is now a land of dashed hopes and profound disappointment. After the heady days of the Solidarnosc, the resounding defeat of the August 1991 coup, and the eventual collapse of the USSR itself, a feeling of numbing disillusionment has set in. For those who had held out hope of a new dawn of social equality and, dare I say it, economic abundance, the current epoch lies in stark contrast to the times of the late 1980s and early 1990s and the intense political enthusiasm they brought with them.


Monsanto Merger Sows Fears over Skewed Seed Market

A pending merger in the cotton-seed industry is prompting sharp legal and environmental criticisms of biotechnology in US agriculture.The proposed merger would fuse the world's largest seed company, Monsanto, with one of the country's leading cotton-seed firms, Delta and Pine Land. Announced last year, the deal is now awaiting antitrust clearance from the Justice Department.

Middle East

The Taliban Rises from the Ashes

In a recent visit along the Pak-Afghan border, I found growing evidence that the battle hardened Islamic militants had regrouped with a vengeance. It should have come as no surprise: last year the Taliban insurgency had set a new record of over 4,000 people killed. Although the Northwest Frontier Province has traditionally been more conservative than the rest of the Pakistan, I discovered that Islamic militancy had grown almost reflexively in proportion to U.S. bombardment in the region.