Just some of the cast of the Netflix film, "Don't Look Up" (2021)

Film Review: ‘Don’t Look Up’ Uses Satire to Condemn U.S. Government on Climate Inaction

"Don’t Look Up” uses satire to magnify the outrageous responses of fictional U.S. politicians, media, corporations and the population to a fictional comet that is about to collide with Earth and wipe out all life. But how it is any different than how real-life politicians have failed to address an impending climate catastrophe that can cost us our lives?

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Webinar: Why Does Independent Media Matter?

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Toward Freedom has 69 years of experience publishing independent reports and analyses that document the struggles for liberation of the majority of the world’s people. What does the future look like for Toward Freedom and for independent media? Join Toward Freedom‘s board of directors to formally welcome Julie Varughese as the new editor. She will be reporting back on her time covering Nicaragua’s critical presidential election for Toward Freedom. New contributors Danny Shaw and Jacqueline Luqman also will speak on their work for Toward Freedom as it relates to the value of independent media. Danny will touch on the rising Pink Tide in Latin America while Jacqueline will discuss an increase in films that have documented the Black struggle in the United States. Register today for this 90-minute webinar, to be held at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, December 2, 2021. read more