In recent years, Malian leaders have turned to Russia / credit: Twitter / De Olho No Front

An African View On Ukraine: Q&A with Dr. Fred M’Membe of Socialist Party of Zambia

"By Any Means Necessary" hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacqueline Luqman were joined November 8 by Dr. Fred M’membe, president of the Socialist Party of Zambia, to discuss the conflict in Ukraine from an African perspective, the shared history between Russia and African countries, why African countries continue to remain neutral on Ukraine, and why African countries continue to push for de-escalation and peace.

Sinking Cities Project: ‘Alexandria: Layers of History, Levels of Threat’

For thousands of years, cultural hub Alexandria in Egypt has been at a geographical crossroads, putting it at risk from earthquakes and extreme weather events. Now, with massive real estate ventures underway, researchers say the government should look to the city’s past in preparation for the future. Rehab Abdalmohsen reports for Unbias the News' Sinking Cities Project.