In recent years, Malian leaders have turned to Russia / credit: Twitter / De Olho No Front

An African View On Ukraine: Q&A with Dr. Fred M’Membe of Socialist Party of Zambia

"By Any Means Necessary" hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacqueline Luqman were joined November 8 by Dr. Fred M’membe, president of the Socialist Party of Zambia, to discuss the conflict in Ukraine from an African perspective, the shared history between Russia and African countries, why African countries continue to remain neutral on Ukraine, and why African countries continue to push for de-escalation and peace.

On left: Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti. On right: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Cars with the Kosovo license plate (center left) and the Serbian license plate (credit: Nikola Mikovic) / photo illustration: Toward Freedom

NATO Wades Into License Plate Dispute Between Serbia and Kosovo

Despite the European Union moderating bilateral talks, ethnically Albanian-dominated authorities in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital, plan on September 1 to re-register vehicles featuring Serbian plates. But a poll shows the majority of Kosovo-based Serbs plan to continue using Serbian-issued license plates. This dispute comes amid Serbia’s refusal to recognize the 2008 secession of Kosovo. Nikola Mikovic reports from Kosovo.

The Palace of Serbia was the venue for July 2019 talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Serbia President Aleksandar Vucic / credit: Twitter/KremlinRussia_E

Sanctions Pressure Sticks Serbia Between Western Hammer and Russian Anvil

Only a handful of European countries have refused to impose sanctions on the Russian Federation after the United States called for them once Moscow’s “special military operation” in Ukraine began on February 24. Serbia is one such outlier. As a result, the West is pressuring the Balkan nation to change its foreign-policy vector and pick a side in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, reports Nikola Mikovic.