Video: Baghdad 5 Years On

This video drops a major asterisk on the so-called "success" of the surge in Iraq touted by John McCain, George Bush, and many other conservatives.  If violence has declined, it is largely because the U.S. military has carved up cities like Baghdad with miles of 12-foot tall concrete walls.  So while there may be stability at the moment, these barriers have separated Sunnis and Shias without improving their living conditions, isolating them in a desperate situation.  Which leads me to ask how long such stability can possibly last?

Part 2 of this report that looks at a makeshift cemetery and victims of militia violence.

One of Baghdad’s killings fields on the edge of Sadr City. The scene of thousands of sectarian murders over the last three years, it is a desolate and evil place.  "Only the killers and the killed ever come here," says Abdul-Ahad. Here in the thousands of unmarked graves lie the victims of militia gangs.

And part 3 focuses on the lost generation of Iraqi children who have been affected by this war.

An orphanage in Sadr city, where children speak of their hatred of America. A generation of Iraqi children have been radicalised and anti-westernised by the war.