Video Interview: Conflict and Impunity in Sri Lanka

Produced by Sam Mayfield

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Suresh Premachandran, Parliament member from Sri Lanka talks about impunity and violation of inalienable rights of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. I met with Suresh at his home in Tamil Nadu, India.

Journalists are being killed, arrested and banned from entering and reporting from combat zone areas in Sri Lanka. Civilians are being held in refugee camps within their own country while the government bombards its own citizens. Suresh is from the northern district of Jaffna in Sri Lanka, currently this area is the most adversely affected by the war. Facing threats to his life for speaking out against government aggression he has moved his family several times in recent years from Sri Lanka, to India, Canada and finally back to India.

Suresh talks about the welfare camps, ceasefire agreement, the Sri Lankan government’s want for continuing the war in the name of creating a single ethno country and the need for the global community to speak up. Suresh can be reached at