‘Coup Regime Won’t Last Without Southern Provinces,’ Says Observer of Unrest in Peru

Kawsachun News was recently in Desaguadero, Peru, to speak to participants of the general strike against the parliamentary coup that took place against ousted President Pedro Castillo.

Peoples Dispatch reported state forces killed 17 people January 9 in Juliaca, Peru, bringing the total during this unrest to 46 deaths, as of the last available press reports.

Clau O’Brien Moscoso, a member of the Black Alliance for Peace Haiti/Americas Team, is in Peru reporting from the ground. She spoke to Kawsachun News on January 12.

Here is some of her video documentation of the national strike.

TF Board Secretary Jacqueline Luqman also interviewed Moscoso January 12 on Black Power Media’s “Remix Morning Show.”

Julie Varughese is editor of Toward Freedom.