Venezuela here we come!

Have you wondered what is happening in Venezuela, where the revolutionary president Hugo Chavez is using millions of dollars in oil money to fund social programs?

Have you heard about the World Social Forums that have taken place in Brazil and around the world, whose slogan is "Another World is Possible"?

How about the two together? That is what is going to happen January 24-29 2006 in Caracas, Venezuela, when the World Social Forum gathers there.

I attended the third WSF in Porto Alegre Brazil in 2003, and was thrilled and energized at meeting individuals and groups forging ahead with the creation of a better world.

Now, the Toward Freedom Foundation (whose primary project used to be a newsletter, but is now a website) is sponsoring a delegation to the WSF in Venezuela from Jan. 23 – 29, (it can be extended to Feb. 4). We are doing this in collaboration with Global Exchange.

Would you like to come?

If we can pull together a delegation of 10-12 people, the costs will be reduced. If you’re interested in participating in this trip and fundraising activities, please contact Robin Lloyd, the publisher of Toward Freedom.

Call: 1-802 862 2024