Toward Freedom Goes to the World Social Forum and More!

The World Social Forum is taking place this year in Caracas, Venezuela from January 24-29. The forum is an annual meeting held by activists, NGOs and social movements to coordinate world campaigns, share and refine organizing strategies, and inform each other about movements from around the world and their issues.

Toward Freedom has organized a workshop at the forum on the hopes and challenges of independent media.  Participants in the panel will be Eva Golinger (Venezuelan journalist, author of "The Chavez Code"), Ben Dupuy (Co-Director, Haiti Progres newspaper), Teresa Valdez, (Cuban journalist), Scott Harris (radio producer, Between the Lines, Toward Freedom Board Member) Ben Dangl (journalist, editor,, April Howard, a Spanish teacher and writer, will work as the translator for the panel. Other people have been invited to the panel as well, we’ll let you know who they when they confirm their participation. Stay tuned for more details about when and where this panel will take places. We hope to see you there. (Email Ben(at) for more details). Here’s a description of the event:

The Crisis in US Media and the Growing Movement for Media Democracy

As corporate media in the US continue to distort the news, misinform viewers and ignore important stories, a growing independent radio and internet media movement has provided an alternative space for investigation, analysis and discussion of the news. The speakers will discuss the successes and challenges of the current independent media movement in the US. This workshop will include a critique of US media monopolies and the independent and corporate media coverage of the Iraq War, the political process in Venezuela, US intervention in Haiti, Cuban issues and more.

Other members of a WSF delegation from Vermont are Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s; Elizabeth Skarie, psychologist; Jeff Furman, board member, Ben and Jerry’s; Mark Naud, environmental lawyer; Lisa Pendolino, social mission coordinator for Ben and Jerry’s; Laurie Lyon, on the staff at the Worker’s Center, Barre and Jonathan Kissam of the Unitied Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America.

In other news, please welcome Melody Zagami as Toward Freedom’s assistant editor. She is a freelance journalist and special educator in training living in Burlington, Vermont and has a degree in journalism. In her words, she is “honored to be part of this website, which strives to bring information to people and inspires discussion of global issues.” Email Melody at admin(at)

Stay tuned for more news from the World Social Forum. Thanks for reading.