Support Toward Freedom: Spring 2007 Fund Drive

Dear Toward Freedom Readers:

At a time when most independent media is focusing on the diverse scandals, crises and disasters in the United States, Toward Freedom remains one of the best progressive sources on international news and analysis. As we celebrate our 55th anniversary, our eyes are still on the big picture, bringing you under-reported stories with a team of muckraking reporters based around the globe.

To keep going, we need your support. We have set an ambitious fundraising goal of $5,000 this spring. Here is an update on what we have been up to in the past year, and where we’re headed.

TF has been busy. In 2006, Robin Lloyd, the TF publisher, spent three months behind bars for protesting the School of the Americas (visit for more info). I have edited from Bolivia for most of the last year, reporting on changes in the country since indigenous coca-grower Evo Morales was elected President. Last fall, we broadcasted a live performance by indigenous hip-hop artist Abraham Bojorquez from Bolivia to Vermont. Recently, TF organized the second annual Winds of Change in Latin America event, where activists from Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia discussed recent developments in their countries.

We are now organizing another conference for fall 2007 on state versus corporate control of natural resources in Africa. We are also organizing a panel on independent media at the US Social Forum this June in Atlanta, Georgia. We are doing all of this while maintaining our cutting edge, multi-media website with weekly reports on international affairs. In addition to a recent upgrade to make our website more user-friendly, we’ll be expanding to include online audio and video.

We have published work on labor movements in the Middle East, the dark side of development in Asia, human rights in Africa and resource wars in Latin America. We are also working with the next generation of the world’s independent journalists, a team of young reporters based around the world that are bringing regular news and analysis to

To continue this work, we need to reach our spring fund drive goal of $5,000. Donate any amount over $30 dollars today and receive a free copy of my book, "The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia" (AK Press, March 2007) which Tom Hayden says is "Informative and inspiring…A must-read for those already interested in solidarity with Latin America and indigenous people."

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Ben Dangl
TF Editor