Toward Freedom: a progressive perspective on world events since 1952 

Toward Freedom envisions a world ethic that honors the human spirit and the right of individuals to freedom of thought and creativity; advances movements for human rights, peace, justice, enlightenment, and freedom from oppression; and celebrates the contributions of the world’s diverse cultures.

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Who We Are

Publisher: Robin Lloyd

Editor/Website Designer: Benjamin Dangl

Global Notebook:  Greg Guma

Online Resources: Carol Liu

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Contributing Writers:
Sasha Abramsky, Barbara Nimri Aziz, Travis Charbeneau,  Elayne Clift, John Horvath, Albert Huebner, Richard K. Moore, Daya Thussu, Stephanie Boyd, Ron Chepesiuk, Kennerly Clay, Tod Ensign, Natasha Ma, Tokunbo Ojo, S. Predrag, Roberto Rodriguez, Patisia Gonzales, Milan Vesely, Norman Solomon, Danny Schechter.

Board Of Directors:
Robin Lloyd, Chair
Nat Winthrop, Vice President
Elizabeth Peterson, Secretary/Treasurer
Gerald Colby
Scott Harris
Joy Hopkins
Carol Liu 

Jay Moore
Mason Singer
Rob Williams
Dave Dellinger, Emeritus Chair (1915-2004)

Terry Allen, Dennis Brutus, Ossie Davis (1917-2005), Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Greg Guma, Joanne Landy, Anna Manzo, Robert Nichols, Grace Paley, Martin Sheen, Brian Tokar, Anne Waldeman, Brian Wilson