The left-wing candidates of the Pacto Histórico coalition ticket in Colombia celebrate a win / credit: Evo Morales / Twitter

Celebrations in Colombia’s Streets: Gustavo Petro to Be First Left-Wing President and Francia Márquez the First Afro-Descendant Woman VP

Celebrations took place Sunday evening as people took to the streets of Colombia after left-wing presidential candidate Gustavo Petro was deemed the winner of the second-round election. This victory makes his running mate, Francia Márquez, the first Afro-descendant woman who will serve as vice president once the term begins in August, reports TF editor Julie Varughese.

The Poor People's Army in Philadelphia / credit: Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign / Facebook

Ahead of Rev. Barber’s ‘Moral March,’ U.S. Groups Call Out Hypocrisy of $54B Ukraine War Funding

Spokespeople for the Black Alliance for Peace and the Philadelphia-based Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign said they have reached out for years to develop relationships with the Poor People's Campaign, led by the Reverend Dr. William J. Barber. However, the spokespeople said U.S. poverty will not be eradicated until people are independently organized to challenge the power of finance capital and disengage from the Democratic and Republican parties. TF editor Julie Varughese reports.

Clara Ines Yalanda, 36, in front of the house in an informal settlement in Popayan, Colombia, where she lives with her 4-year-old daughter, Valentina. Fifteen people live in the house, including Ines's parents, her brothers and sisters, and their children / credit: Antonio Acascio

What Petro & Hernández Offer Colombia’s Urban Poor As They Head Off in the Second-Round Presidential Election

Sunday’s second-round presidential election in Colombia could transform the lives of residents in informal settlements, which make up 65 percent of housing in the country's cities. Former-militant-turned-politician Gustavo Petro and millionaire businessman Rodolfo Hernández approach the country's urban housing crisis and environmental policy in different ways, reports Natalia Torres Garzon with photography by Antonio Cascio.

Anti-imperialist organizations taking part in the Workers’ Summit of the Americas gathered June 12 in Tijuana at the Mexico-United States border in solidarity with the Sandinista, Cuban and Bolivarian Revolutions, in repudiation of the U.S./OAS-organized Summit of the Americas / credit: Kawsachun News / Twitter

3 Counter Summits Called on Public to Stand Against Biden Administration’s ‘Failed’ Summit of the Americas

Many people on the left had followed the actions of the People's Summit for Democracy, the well-publicized counter event to the Summit of the Americas the Biden administration hosted last week. What some may not know is anti-imperialists held two other summits: One coalition of mainly Los Angeles-based organizations hosted actions in the city prior to the start of the People's Summit while another coalition organized the Workers' Summit of the Americas June 10-12 in Tijuana, Mexico, reports TF editor Julie Varughese.