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Why Opposing the Israel Lobby Is No Longer Political Suicide

Originally published July 15, 2014

Source: The Nation

Our movement isn’t strong enough yet to end US enabling of the carnage in Gaza—but the shift in public discourse is a crucial first step.

With the collapse of an Egyptian cease-fire proposal, the horror of Israel’s latest Gaza assault continues. At least 185 have been killed, almost 80 percent of them civilians. Almost half are women and children. At least seventy homes were specifically targeted and destroyed. Five healthcare facilities, including a hospital, have been damaged in air strikes. There was a direct attack on a center for profoundly disabled people. It was one of Israel’s much-bragged-about “carefully targeted” bombings, including the now-iconic “knock on the roof” message from the Israeli bombers—the small bomb that signals much worse to come. It wasn’t an accident. Three people, two patients and a caregiver, were killed there. It goes on. read more

Vermonters at the Left forum 2014

Now that the triumvirate of public intellectuals from Burlington has passed on – social ecology theorist Murray Bookchin, peace activist Will Miller and world citizen Garry Davis – who will replace them? It’s a hard act to follow. Nevertheless, one place to look is amongst the Vermonters who got themselves to the Left Forum this year.