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As US states Legalize Marijuana, Is This the End of the War on Drugs?

Source: The Guardian/UK

Last week was a momentous week, the beginning of the end, perhaps, of a national depravity – the “war on drugs”. The voters of Colorado and Washington passed measures to legalize marijuana, amounting to local shifts, for the moment. So we shouldn’t delude ourselves that the country will be transformed overnight, but the public thinking, the public spirit is being transformed. Finally, there is a growing realization that this “war” has produced nothing but a legacy of failure. And who wants to be associated with failure? read more

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The 28th Amendment

I recently spent time in Washington for a follow-up visit with one of the Senators who appears in my film WHY WE FIGHT. Security at the Russell Office Building being lighter than I expected, I found myself searching the halls for the Senator’s office with time to spare.

Making my way through those corridors of power is always humbling. I wonder if I am awed more by the power accumulated within the building or by the task facing anyone hoping to reform it. I am admittedly a hopeful reformer. Each time I come to Washington, I am Mr. Smith, holding out for a happy ending to the American story. Maybe that’s why in naming my new film, I borrowed the title of Frank Capra’s World War II Series Why We Fight. read more