Pacifism and The Military-Industrial-University Complex: Interviewing Mark Rudd

Mark Rudd
Mark Rudd was the chairman of the Columbia University chapter of Students for a Democratic Society [SDS] at the time of the 1968 Columbia Student Revolt; and Rudd's autobiography, Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen was finally published in March 2009. In an interview with Toward Freedom, Rudd responded to some questions about how U.S. pacifists might consider responding to the role U.S. universities play in the current historical era of "permanent war abroad and economic depression at home" and about his new book.

The Colombia Three

Book Review: Colombia Jail Journal

The Colombia Three
For nearly three years, Sinn Fein activist James Monaghan was held inside various Colombia jails, along with two other Sinn Fein supporters, and falsely charged by the Colombian army, the U.S. State Department and the British government with having spent his time in Colombia giving military training to FARC guerrillas.  In Colombia Jail Journal Monaghan both tells what life was like for "The Colombia Three" inside Colombia's prisons and exposes how the Colombian government, the U.S. Embassy and the UK government fabricated their case against the three Irish Republicans, who were ultimately found innocent by a Colombia court judge of "training FARC guerrillas in Colombia."


Joan Coxsedge’s Life of Protest, Painting and Politics

Joan Coxsedge
In Joan Coxsedge's autobiography, Cold Tea For Brandy: A Tale of Protest, Painting and Politics, she reveals Australia's hidden history and exposes the crimes of U.S. imperialism around the globe. She also shows how she came to be one of the great Australian anti-imperialist, left-wing dissidents of the 20th century and exposes how difficult it is to radically democratize Australian society through parliamentary means alone.

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A People’s History of Iran: Part I

Democratic Party politicians now control the U.S. Congress. Yet the U.S. military-industrial-media complex's troops have still not been immediately withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bush Administration also may be planning to order the Pentagon to attack targets in Iran before the end of April 2007.