Social Media, Not Political Parties, Are the Strongest Emerging Opposition in Africa

Many African dictators are facing new wave of dissent enabled through social media. The information monopoly has been challenged; ordinary citizens can now organize and confront their autocratic regimes from below. As they become more interconnected and bypass severe information control, citizens across these repressive countries have become emboldened in the face of armed repression.

Fleeing to Survive: The Long Journey of LGBT Members of the Migrant Caravan

For those fleeing Honduras, violence and harassment didn’t end after leaving. “Roxana [Hernández] traveled over 2,000 miles through Mexican territory on foot, by train, and by bus, because her last aspiration and hope was to save her own life,” read a statement from a group that organized the caravan. “She fled the violence, hate, stigma and vulnerability that she suffered as a trans woman in her country, Honduras, and also in Mexico.”