Why New Fascism is Ruling Brazil

Unfortunately, the election of Bolsonaro in Brazil might only be the beginning for South America. We are possibly facing the dawn of a new regional political process that we do not yet understand in depth, and which actually might not be led primarily by the figure of Bolsonaro, but by the conservative ideals that nest in our societies.

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A Green New Deal can give us the freedoms to allow humanity to flourish

Source: The Guardian

Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought to redefine freedom in the face of war. The Green New Deal imagines goals for a colorful democracy

One of the biggest challenges of climate politics is that the solutions seem scarier than the problem. We worry that to truly decarbonize, we’d need an authoritarian government or endless austerity. But a big and bold enough Green New Deal could finally make us truly free.

The principles that animated the New Deal are often associated with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s proposed (but never fully enacted) Economic Bill of Rights. These included rights to employment, medical care, housing, education, and social security. Those goals are tragically unrealized for many Americans, and any just version of the Green New Deal must start there. They’re familiar goals for the left, ones we’ve been fighting over for decades. But we also need to rework another New Deal-era statement of principles – FDR’s Four Freedoms. read more