Articles by John Lasker

John Lasker is a freelance journalist from Columbus, Ohio.

Below are the collected articles Lasker has written for Toward Freedom.

US Foreign Trade Zones: Connecting Labor Exploitation in a Global Race to the Bottom

Critics Cast Doubt on Success of Efforts to Source Conflict-Free Minerals from Congo

Walmart Workers’ Movement Gains Momentum as Black Friday Looms

A Female Veteran Fights the Forever War: Prescription Drugs, PTSD and Addiction Space Weapons in a Small Town Near You? The Race to Militarize Space

Can a Wall Street Reform Law End a Resource War in Africa?

Retail Giants, Consumerism and Thanksgiving: How Extending Black Friday Undermines Workers’ Rights

Walmart’s Summer of Discontent: Retail Empire Faces Worker Dissent in US and Bangladesh

The Looming Threats to Voting Rights: Online Voting and the US Intelligence Community

Taking on a Giant: Walmart Workers Organize for Massive Black Friday Strike

Toward Freedom Wins 2013 Project Censored Award for Coverage of Sexual Violence Against Women in the US Military

How Low Will the GOP Go? The Threat of the Republicans Rigging the Election

Behind the Profit: How the US Government Facilitates Outsourcing Jobs Overseas

Seroquel or Suicide? Parents of Dead Soldiers Say US Military Needs to Come Clean

The Dark Side of Black Friday: Low-Wage Workers Fight for Rights at Target and Walmart

US Seeks to Establish Naval Base on Jeju Island in Spite of Protests

Violence in the US Military: Family Searches for Truth Regarding Daughter’s Death

Sexual Violence Against Women in the US Military: The Search for Truth and Justice

From Chiquita to Nike: Labor Activists Drive Corporations Bananas

Speaking Out: US Military Sexual Violence and Trauma Against Women

From Europe to Outer Space: Dissecting Obama’s Missile Defense Plan

Spinning a Resource War in Afghanistan

Congolese Women Suffer As Rwanda Squashes Dissent

US Space Weapon Now Circling the Globe

Following the Mineral Trail: Congo Resource Wars and Rwanda

How Tech Giants Outsource Labor on American Soil

Looting Africa: Canadian Company Eyes Gold in Democratic Republic of Congo

Of Blood and Gold: How Canadian Mining Companies Loot the Congo

Obama’s Troubling Stance on Missile Defense and Militarizing Space

Inside Africa’s PlayStation War

Resource Wars in Africa: AFRICOM and the Reach of US Corporations