Photo: Garet Bleir

Stories of Resistance: Indigenous Nations Unite Against Mining in Arizona

Indigenous nations have accused the Canyon Mine mining company of desecrating land, medicine, and water surrounding Red Butte in Arizona, just six miles from the Grand Canyon and from land held sacred by the Havasupai Tribe. In response, a four day Havasupai Prayer Gathering invited other native nations to come together beneath Red Butte for ancestral ceremonies, inter-tribal gatherings, entertainment, direct action training, and speakers. Participants spoke of past and current illegal land grabs, religious and cultural oppression, spiritual guidance, and stories of resistance.


Day of Real Forests: A Photo Essay

Today is the international day of forests. The United Nations General Assembly designated this day as such with the hope that humankind would raise awareness about and celebrate forests. We need forests for our survival - to provide food, energy, clean air, and especially water. Without healthy forests, we would not have access to clean water as they are critical to maintaining watershed areas.