Photo: UK Indymedia

Torture Is Alive and Well in Oaxaca

"They [the heavily armed Mexican federal police] began to hit us indiscriminately as they moved in. I was carrying my friend who'd fainted from the tear gas they shot at us. Seven police were hitting me with their billy clubs. They took my wallet and my cell phone, then threw me on top of a mountain of people. They took off everybody's shoes and tied our hands behind our backs. For an hour and a half they spit on us, kicked us, tortured us, then they grabbed me and threw me in the back of a pickup. I was covered with blood. They questioned us, kicked us, jumped on us. We drove for two hours. I lost all feeling in my body. When they finally stopped they pulled me out of the pickup by my hair. 'Drag yourselves like the dogs you are!' they reviled us."