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Dissonant Democracy: Protest, Brutality and Healing at the RNC

I am hosting dozens of young activists at my home. Even before the out of town activists arrived, our three bedroom house had up to five kids under ten, and four adults. Beginning on the weekend of August 30-31, twenty four youth with their backpacks and zines arrived in groups looking for floor space or a lawn to roll out sleeping bags. My neighbors provided a big soup pot. Before the RNC even started, police raided many community houses in Minneapolis and St Paul. Over the duration of the RNC, 818 people were arrested.


Talking Dirty About Revolution in Venezuela

Sara walks into the neighborhood clinic where I am volunteering in rural Venezuela, in a municipality of less than 15,000 people situated in the Andes mountains. Besides tourism, agriculture fuels the local economy, which is dependent on small farms. Sara visited today for her checkup. She's 35 and has lived here all her life. "Before this clinic was here, I never went to the doctor," she explains.