A Meeting of Minds

Feeling depressed? Downhearted? Demoralized? Terrorized? Isolated? Take one copy of "The Quotable Rebel" and call me in the morning. This new anthology of "political quotations for dangerous times" contains wisdom as old as the hills and as current as a sign declaring "Arms Are for Hugging".  Its editor, Teishan Latner, a 28-year-old Philadelphia-based activist, takes his responsibility seriously. He infuses his choices with all the global awareness and urgent energy of his generation located in the 'belly of the beast' in a time of war. A radical egalitarian, he mines this tradition, emphasizing the voices of first world peoples and the living.  In this process, on subjects ranging from technology to food, animal rights to empire, work, life, death, law, and revolution, spirited exchanges arise.