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Peltier’s Message: Enough Is Enough 6/02

The following message from Native American leader Leonard Peltier, who has been in prison for25 years for a crime he didn’t commit, was read at the Feb. 16 prison justice conference.

I want to commend you for attending this important conference, and for your good work to build a movement to expose and deconstruct the policies, practices, and abuses that are resulting in an overwhelming imprisonment of poor people, youth, and people of color. In the history of this country, episodes of racism and human rights abuses have played out in different ways, all of which are condemned in hindsight, with many wondering how such abuse could have been allowed. Whether it be genocide of First Nations peoples, slavery, segregation, COINTELPRO, or Japanese concentration camps, few Americans today would say that any of these were right and just. read more

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Peltier Speaks: Thoughts on a pardon denied (3/01)

Despite all the talk about Clinton’s highly questionable pardons, one man who deserved executive clemency was denied a fair chance. The following is excerpted from a statement by Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier:

Jan. 20, 2001, was a sad day for all of us. I know that this denial of clemency has affected many of you as much as it has affected both my family and myself. It is a terrible feeling and disappointment knowing that this nightmare has not ended and will continue for many months to come. read more

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Peltier Clemency Campaign (11/00)

We have some very exciting news!  President Clinton has publicly confirmed that Leonard Peltier’s clemency petition has reached his office, and that it will be decided one way or the other in the very near future.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard the  last many years for Leonard. You have brought this case right up to Clinton’s desk. But now we must work harder than ever for the next few weeks.  We are down to the wire and this is literally a matter of life and death. read more