Prejudice and Provocation at Budapest’s Gay Pride Parade

At Budapest's Gay Pride Parade
For a second year running, the Budapest July 5th gay pride parade was marred by violence as protesters against the parade threw eggs, tomatoes, and even bottles at participants. This happened in spite of a heavy police presence; there were about two police officers for each parade participant. Protesters then clashed with police pelting them with rocks and even Molotov cocktails. The police, in turn, responded with water cannon and tear gas.

Police Confront 7th Asia-Europe Meeting Protesters

The Politics of Sustained Civil Unrest in Europe

Police at 7th Asia-Europe Meeting Protest
The extreme right National Party of the Czech Republic recently announced the setup of a National Guard paramilitary group that will serve at rallies and in the case of major disasters. The National Party cited the "police inability to secure calm, order and security to the public" and "fear for the behavior of minorities and immigrants" as reasons to set up the guard. To what extent is the threat of right-wing extremism in Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union exaggerated?


Hungary: The Radical Right and the Neo-Liberalist State

It's no longer raining in Budapest. Although the clouds of commotion which hung over the October 23rd anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution should have dissipated along with the official end to the ceremonies, they still hang heavy over the capital. Indeed, Friday, October 26th saw a new round of disturbances as groups of protesters blockaded traffic on two major bridges in the capital as well as on a major street. Still, all things considered, the anniversary commemorating the Hungarian Revolution passed off in a relatively peaceful manner this year.