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Bolivia Vanishes (11/00)

In April, five people were shot dead in Bolivia, a military policeman was lynched, and the president declared a state of siege following a general strike that shut down much of the nation. At the end of it all, for the first time in a decade anywhere in the world, US and British corporate giants — the targets of the protest — were booted out of the Andean nation, a stunning reversal of the march of globalization.

You didn’t read that story? Come now, it was right there in the Washington Post — in paragraph 10, on page 13 of the "Style" section. I kid you not: the style section. It dangled from the bottom of a cute little story on the lifestyle of some local anti-WTO protesters. And so, one of the most extraordinary international stories of the year just went PFZZZT!!! and disappeared from sight. read more