Thailand: Regime Kills Protesters in Bloody Crackdown

Protests in Thailand
Soldiers armed with live and rubber bullets attacked the peaceful pro-democracy Red Shirt protests in the centre of Bangkok on April 10. At least 12 people, including a Japanese Reuters reporter, have been shot dead. Tanks were used against peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators. Hundreds more people have been injured. Some soldiers have been taken prisoner and weapons seized. Red Shirt protesters outside Bangkok have seized many provincial headquarters.

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Thailand: Coup Anniversary Reveals its Two Faces

Source: Green Left Weekly

On September 19, the third anniversary of the military coup that wrecked Thai democracy, two demonstrations took place.

They sum up the two faces of Thailand.

One demonstration, by tens of thousands of “Red Shirts” in Bangkok, was organised in order to continue the demand for full democracy. It was a peaceful and friendly demonstration.

Yet the military-backed Democrat Party government, headed by Abhisit Vejjajiva, declared a state of emergency and lined up thousands of police and soldiers to deal with the demonstrators. read more