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Ecology or Catastrophe: Learning from the Life of Murray Bookchin

Source: Roar Magazine

Janet Biehl’s “Ecology or Catastrophe” presents a lucid overview of Bookchin’s life and is possibly the best introduction we have to social ecology today.

Ten years ago, American radical Murray Bookchin drew his last breath in the bed of his apartment in downtown Burlington.

By his side was Janet Biehl, his partner for 19 years.

I remember the moment well—as vivid as the Atlantic Ocean allowed for. His health had been deteriorating rapidly the last few months, and the day before I had called him up and sent my parting words. He was unable to respond (and almost certainly unconscious), but I explained to him that I was with an international group of social ecologists, from Finland, Sweden, Turkey, England, Chile, and Norway, gathering in Telemark that week to discuss permaculture, municipal reconstruction and radical social change. The next day, July 30, 2006, we received the news of his death. Many of us knew Bookchin and had worked with his ideas for a long time. It was a sweet moment: we shared our memories and strengthened our resolve. read more