The Business of Bombs and Politics: How the British-Saudi Connection Fuels War in Yemen

A coalition of states led by Saudi Arabia is conducting an extensive and ongoing aerial bombardment of its smaller and far weaker neighbor, Yemen. Both the US and British governments have drawn fire for their role in supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons systems, munitions and tactical expertise. In the process, the US and Britain have become associated with the mass civilian hardship that has become a hallmark of the Yemen conflict.

Left Turns in Britain: Jeremy Corbyn and the Battle Over the Labour Party

The ongoing political battle for leadership of the UK's Labour party is highlighting some important tensions, not just within the left, but the political climate across the nation. With Members of Parliament in revolt over fresh welfare cuts and the unashamed leftist Jeremy Corbyn now set to win the leadership of the Labour party, we are without a doubt headed for dramatic times in British politics.